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Stress in working women: Work – Life balance

Women play a vital role in the economic and social development of the society. However, working women have a whole set of problems involving both family and professional lives. They play the role as a wife, a mother and an earner. Thus, while managing their career they maintain their traditional roles. At last, working moms deal with the bouts of stress and guilt for not being able to give equal time to work and family. If we introspect there might be many instances when we would have felt stretched and more stretched due to unending demands of home, family, children and office. The stressors are not only the major life events but are also ongoing minor events like electricity failure, maid not turned up, unexpected guests and child’s misbehavior or illness.  Let’s first understand that stress is not uncontrollable.  With proper understanding of the stressors that cause stress, the situation can be well managed. This is not an admission of weakness or inability to cope! It is a way to identify the problem and plan measures to overcome it. This is called “WORK-LIFE BALANCE”. You can achieve this by following these strategies:

Sort out your priorities: Keep your priorities in order — both personal and professional. Ask yourself a few questions. What can’t be compromised or is completely non-negotiable? What are the most-important commitments at work and family?

Flexible Schedules: A flexible schedule can help you work your work around the rest of your life, rather than trying to fit life in around work.

Plan your day and set achievable goals.

Develop a support network

Talk it out – Keep your communication lines open with your manager, HR, and superiors, spouse and parents.

Learn the art of delegation: There’s nothing wrong in acknowledging that you can’t do everything on your own and a little help could ease your enormous workload. Seek help from coworkers, spouse, and family members. You and your spouse can divide tasks in such a way that either of you don’t dread coming to home after a long working day at office.

Draw a line between home and work: Firmly say NO to things that don’t follow your priority list. Set boundaries and leave work at workplace, don’t come home with it.

Spend some time for yourself: Spend some time to do things you actually love. Try to spend sometimes to be yourself and pamper yourself. Be it watching your favorite TV serial, reading a book, going to a spa or just doing nothing at all.

Remember; take care of yourself because only then you would be able to take care of your family and your work.

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