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Cardiac diseases in Indian context

Long gone are the days when cardiovascular illness struck only the elderly. The young generation these days is highly susceptible to heart ailments. Blame it on poor lifestyle, lack of physical exercise, stressful life and smoking, the generation next is fast giving in to the deadly heart diseases.
In Indians, heart problems occur at younger age, both in males and females than western countries and also carry worse outcome. Smoking is directly related to heart problems. Youngsters start smoking in their teens but, it’s between 20s and 40s that they register heart problems. Also, outcome in our population after heart attack is not good because of unawareness of symptoms leading to delay in seeking medical help and also not receiving appropriate treatment at the earliest.

Old saying “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE” holds true for every disease. So healthy food habits, daily walk or exercise, no use of tobacco, good control of blood pressure and sugar can prevent not only heart diseases but also many other diseases.

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