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Adolescent Psychiatry

There are often times when we are exhausted, broken down, feel lonely, and left out. With such a mindset in place, chances are high that fear, confusion, and anger will begin developing. To deal with such worrying concerns we at Crayons provide guidance/counseling for emotional issues, defiant behavior, mental health illness, internet, and drug addiction through the psychiatry and mental health counsellors in Chandigarh.

Upon discussion, with the child, we meet the parents to guide them on how to deal with and handle teenager-related issues. The issues the adolescents may face are-

  • Delay in development can affect mental and social skills.
  • Mental disorders like depression, anxiety.
  • Problems in the terms of social context= bullying, addiction, and obesity.Our team specializes in consultation, assessment, guidance on the prevention programs, and counseling too. You can check for our services and reviews by searching for the adolescent psychiatrist near me or psychology adolescent hospital near me.

It will help your child with what he deserves- a happier and healthy life. Feel free to reach out to us for the consultant and support from the best adolescent and child Psychiatrists in Chandigarh.