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Early Intervention Plan

A unique approach to occupational therapy treatment in Chandigarh!

In this plan, Early intervention professionals would work directly with you on a specific goal or the needed support. They will spend some time with you and after the discussion, a detailed plan would be carved out specifically for the therapy. The professionals would be involved in the assessment and would analyze the kind of services which would best suit and meet your needs.

At Crayons, we have the best speech therapist in Chandigarh that offer services for Occupational therapy, speech therapy, Oral placement therapy, special education, and remediation for the learning difficulty. We conduct the sessions every day for a specific duration. The plans are customized according to the individual’s requirements and specific needs. We have the most advanced speech Therapy treatment in Chandigarh Hospital. Every week we endeavor to involve the parents to assess the progress and performance of the child & guide parents with relevant strategies for dealing with children.