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Career Counseling

Confused? Which stream to choose?


Science?? Commerce?? Arts?? What to do after 12th?? Not able to cope-up with Job expectations??? Not liking what you do??

Most of us have faced these questions for ourselves or our families. Over 80% of people in workplace feel stressed because of being career misfits. Students and professionals go through a crucial phase of choosing the right career for themselves. As they reach the cross roads, they face interference of parents, peers and others around them. Eventually, they have to follow a path of force and find themselves exhausted physically, emotionally and financially. To avoid these problems, Crayons Clinic provides a pedestal for career counselling wherein you get an insight of your personality, ability and interests through standardized assessment along with a match with your family’s expectations.

Thus, use career counselling at Crayons Clinic to find your talent and right career for extraordinary success. Every student’s interest are unique, let your interest be your stream. It’s a lifetime decision, plan it scientifically with us.

At Crayons, we provide psychiatry services for children, adolescents and adults. Besides the medicines, we work with families, liaise with school and community, do early intervention for Autism, Mental retardation and Global development delay. We provide speech therapy, occupational therapy, remediation for learning disabilities, counselling, psychotherapy, play therapy, family therapy and couple therapy.



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